PUBG Mobile Android Hack

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PUBG Mobile Android Hack Gives Players an Advantage

PUBG is a hugely popular game, and the mobile version has proven to be a massive success too, but the PUBG mobile Android hack is giving some players a huge advantage over others.

The PUBG mobile android hack is surprisingly simple. There is a growing number of players that are installing the game on their Chromebooks, and playing with a mouse and keyboard – or they are pairing Bluetooth devices to their phones. Those who don’t have the hardware to do that are simply running emulators such as Bluestacks on their PCs, and then downloading the .APK file and installing the game inside the emulator – so they can play the mobile game using a mouse and keyboard.

This gives players a huge advantage over those who are playing using a touch screen. Technically, these players aren’t exploiting because they’re not modifying the game’s code – but they are breaking the social contract that is associated with the game. Playing a phone game with a mouse and keyboard puts you at an unfair advantage over those who are forced to use the less precise touch-screen controls. It is hugely demoralizing for the players who are using a small screen and touch-controls, and it could drive those players away, leaving a game that is dead except for those who are ‘cheesing’ the game, if not outright ‘cheating’.

PUBG Mobile Android Hack

The game was designed, and balanced, around the idea that you’d be playing on similar hadrware to others. Even something as simple as playing on a desktop with a bigger screen that makes things a little easier to see is a huge deal. Add in the precision of aiming and the familiarity of a traditional control system and you can see why some may be unhappy with the fact that this is an option.

The PUBG developers take the security and balance of the game seriously, and things like FPS mods, mobile wall hacks and aimbots are all frowned upon, and the developers are pushing to patch such things out and to ban people that they are confident are using them.

While it is possible to modify the client (although hugely frowned upon), most of the ‘good stuff’ takes place on the server. This means that getting vitality, completing daily objectives, spawning weapons, or getting battle points cannot be done with cheats. If anyone promises to sell you something that will do this, then they are lying to you. Do not hand over your account details to a third party, because you could lose your account. Do not install cheat software from an untrusted source, because you could be installing malicious software on your phone, and the implications of this could be incredibly serious, since the software may ask for permissions to access data on your phone. Be wary when trying any form of cheat – understand that you are violating the terms of service of the game, and that you could be putting your game account at risk, while not actually gaining anything.